As we get closer to the retirement age or even many years before retirement, we tend to talk about where we would like to live when we retire.  My husband and I have had that discussion for the last 10 years as we have traveled around the country.

Since we do much traveling, especially as a hobby versus a job, we tend to look at each community and state as a place for retirement opportunities someday.  We like to bike, hike, sightsee, be in comfortable climates, eat and socialize so over the years certain areas in North Carolina, Tennessee and even Colorado have been discussed.  All these areas bring something to the table, but each is missing one or two things.  So as we reach our mid-50’s and retirement is coming closer (and I will add much too quickly), our local resources are encouraging.  Now I see that what Walker County and surrounding counties and cities have to offer beats most other areas.

What makes our area so special and perfect for retirement… the people, the climate, the biking, hiking, climbing, caving, swimming and so many other outdoor activities.  We are getting more and more restaurants to enjoy with a mix of cuisines, our own local brewery, and coffee shops. If we don’t have it here, it is within a 25 minute drive to about anything you would want.  We have farms, land, all size and shapes of homes and all more affordable than most in the country.  What you get in home or acreage for the price outweighs many other locations housing opportunities.

As our community grows, embraces change and adds to our outdoor adventure opportunities and the arts and entertainment, I find there is no better place to retire!  What makes it over the top for me is that is where my family is and I can watch my grandchildren grow in this community.  If you don’t have family here, don’t worry.  The locals will embrace you as family and before long, you may encourage your other family members to live here.  We have seen that happen many times over the years. One family comes and before long, they have encouraged more and more family members and friends to make the move with them.

So when you look or think about retiring, look no further than the Northwest Georgia area with four full seasons and all the fun and activities to keep your calendar as full as you would like!

Submitted by Lisa J. Heyer, Better Homes & Gardens – Jackson Realty

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